Thursday, October 27, 2011

I've come back from the nowhere land of not writing after a break, or rather a break down. After not blogging for a few weeks I quickly came to realize how much blogging has helped me to maintain my equilibrium despite some harrowing personal and work experiences. Without it my personal compass tends to spin even further from true north than normal and leave my head spinning. It's strange to realize that blogging is something of a ritual for me and when I don't do it, everything just seems off. Sometimes I struggle to produce something I consider "worthy", but the point should be that any time I reflect on life ,I'm doing something worthy and necessary for me. The idea of rituals has other echoes for me as well. While I am not an overtly religious person, I do hold some beliefs quite dear, but have struggled to figure out how to incorporate them more fully into my life-to realize them in a way that has a real, substancial emotional and spiritual impact for me. I think we all feel like sacredness is something that comes from outside us, something from "beyond"-which makes it something we can never hope to achieve. But doesn't every philosophy say somewhere that we are special-whether made in God's image, or just part of the Creation, or just fundamental pieces of the universe? Heck, even He-man cartoons taught us that "We have the power!" So, I've decided that maybe my rituals should be just that-mine. Designed by me, for me and surely packing a bigger punch when I stray from them. I've decided that my rituals should be simple-whether a whispered prayer during the drawing of a deep breath (something I've realized I do not do nearly often enough), or the smudging of my home with burning sage,( a cleansing ritual I've also done with remarkable success). The point is to do things everday with intention- with the intention of realizing my own power and my own connection to not only the world around me but the one within me, as well as my own power to control my fate. I want to become my own wisewoman, my own power worker, my own conduit to the powers that be and be a power myself. I can do that-I can make my own path, and while I am certain that I will get lost again, once I know that I am my own center, it will never be too hard to find home again.

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.

Joseph Campbell

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