Monday, October 26, 2009

A Sorta Fairytale

When you first learn about love, you learn about it from fairytales. Tales where the princess is rescued by the handsome prince who has traveled through exotic lands and wandered through time to find her, where their first kiss is magical, their love for each other eternal and blissful. Happiness abounds and they live (say it with me, folks) “Happily Ever After”. You believe in these tales because they are so pure, so beautiful, so fantastic. You will spend the rest of your life trying to figure out why real life doesn’t measure up: why your prince or princess (let’s not be sexist here) isn’t waiting for you, searching for you, doesn’t love you, loves something more than you (drugs, alcohol, themselves), isn’t capable of love, is too immature to love. Look at everyone you’ve ever loved- who you secretly held out hope would be “The One” and tell me you haven’t wondered “How the hell did all of these frogs get here?!” To take a page from an old saying, “Lie down with frogs, get up with warts.” None of us are Snow White- we are not princesses laid low by magical spells, we are not lowly maids who will be raised high by princes. We are all frogs. We are all marked by the scars life has given us and the truth is fairy tales aren’t real- but you already knew that. The truth is love can be instantaneous, but even love at first sight has to live past the second (sighting, that is). The truth is love heals all wounds- which is only fair, since it causes half of them anyway. The truth is love can conquer mountains, but most of us would really prefer the garden path. The truth is…the truth. Love is not a human invention, but certainly we have added some unnecessary complications. We tell ourselves bedtime stories that assure us that in the end we will not be alone, when the truth is we are alone all the time with each other. Love is a not a cure all for the affliction of the human condition. That’s endemic. It is, however, a balm, a heart’s ease, that softens the edges of life, just enough that we can try to achieve…- whatever it is we’re meant to achieve here. Let’s try this for once. Just for once, let’s try telling a true story- an oxymoron, I know. A story where love conquers all by conquering nothing-where it’s not a sword, but a shield. Where princesses don’t wait for princes to wake them up, but get off their asses and hack their way through life’s thorns on their own. Where women don’t have to wear glass slippers (they’re fragile, and cold and besides, who wants their calluses exposed to the world?) Where princes don’t have to kill to be loved or fight to be valued. Let’s try a story where people find that life has no guaranteed happily ever after- and they live life anyway. Where there is no magic but that of the human heart and its ability to expand as needed, to be strong, and malleable and scarred- to be wounded again and again and keep beating. Let’s try a story where we don’t know the ending, where every hero and heroine makes their own choices- and start out on their own paths to epic journeys. Tell me a story where kissed frogs stay frogs; but are loved, warts and all.

*click the title link for some appropriate mood music!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Love's Labour Lost (Not) or DIY:Checking out of Heartbreak Hotel!

They say a surefire way to get over one heartbreak is to engage in the next one. As in find the next guy or gal, the next experience, the next high- anything that numbs the feeling of heartbreak you’re currently experiencing. You know, that salt rubbed in an open wound in your chest feeling? Yeah, that one. How many of us have engaged in the Hokey Pokey with someone just to feel better about ourselves, and ended up feeling worse? (Raise your hands please. Yes, you too.) How many of us have done it more than once? (Just an informal poll, if you please-if you’ve done it more than twice, I weep for you and hope you get help. Seriously.*) Sometimes, it takes awhile for us to learn. (How did we get to be the dominant species anyway? Oh yeah, that whole thumbs thing.) Anyway, when you find yourself singing sad songs and roaming the streets looking for Heartbreak Hotel and mooning over what coulda, shoulda, woulda been ( but wasn’t- face reality, people, it really wasn’t), take a detour instead and spend some time outside yourself-( no matter how hard that may be, because Lord knows, you’re fascinating,) and take a long hard look at why you are where you are. This is a hard endeavor. It takes a lot to look at ones deepest, inner self and feel neither revulsion or pride. Neither of those emotions is particularly helpful in being a good human being, and yet millions of us continue to wallow in them. The best way to look at yourself, is the way we should look at everyone, with ultimate compassion and love. It’s a hard trick to master- most of us are so used to looking for validation outside ourselves, and we do so in unhealthy ways- through money, power, celebrity or infamy. None of us are happy being who we are, alone, so we cling together, and when we cling together, we do so in a muddle of unhappiness and wonder why we can’t escape. Seriously, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you want to take over the world- your inner world, that is, you have to, like Apple computers “think different” (ly-sorry, bad grammar gets to me.) For every wrinkle in your brain trained to think misery makes you a good human being, you need to think a positive thought a hundred times before your brain will un-entrench itself and move onto a new path. For every time you castigate yourself for making one bad decision after another in love, you need to praise yourself for having the courage to love in the first place, and the intelligence to learn from that experience. For every wound carved on your heart, give yourself one gold sticker until your wall is covered in them. Wear a tattoo that reads “Takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.” Be a bad ass Wounded Love Warrior. Just don’t curl up and die. Never, never, never say die.

*BTW, you're welcome to join my therapy group. I'll be the one wearing a sticker that says "Hello, My name is Dee and I'm a Love Addict."

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Practical Magic or DIY: Love Potion #9

" When shall we three meet again in thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurlyburly 's done, when the battle 's lost and won "

Macbeth - William Shakespeare

(Act I, Scene I)

     Suffice to say, lately I’ve been feeling a little, well, witchy. (Ha,ha- I know, when am I not? Ok, get it out of your system. You done now? Thank you.) Anyway, I don’t mean witchy in that sense. I mean..witchy, magicky, earthy. My life is pretty normal, somewhat dry to tell the truth. But occasionally, there comes an instance when I can feel the presence of magic in my life, be it the sight of a beautiful ocean, a gorgeous full moon, or the feel of wind in my hair during a storm. Life is magical and energetic. And we could all use more of that. But it takes being open and willing to receive- to be sensitive means being open to being hurt as well as being open to ecstasy. In Greece, women who opened themselves to ecstasy were sometimes called Maenads-followers of the god Bacchus, who ate and drank themselves into a frenzy, (and sometimes tore their lovers to pieces.) They were rightfully feared...and also envied. Men who went into a frenzy in battle were called berserkers-violent warriors filled with bloodlust who were held in fear and awe. Prophets and oracles too, like the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi, lived their lives hoping for the ecstasy of communication with their gods. Over the ages, people have tried and tried again to find a way to sustain the ecstasy of being outside themselves, (The seventies and peyote- I’m just sayin’),trying magic, drugs, alcohol, and sex to get out of their own skins; to escape the pain of being alive. Perhaps they didn’t understand, we have never understood, that being alive is magic- and therefore is pain and pleasure all wrapped up in one. Like love and marriage, you can’t have one without the other. (I know, stop laughing. You’re so cynical!) Magic is the ability to see and feel things- not beyond the ordinary- but to perceive the ordinary exactly as it is- as wondrous. Humans are made to take in information-through sight, and touch, emotion, and logic. We are conduits for life, and therefore for magic. We don’t have to be outside ourselves. We don’t have to be separate. We don’t have to be alone. We can just be. Now, how hard can that be? (Yeah, I know.)
Okay, so here are some instructions for how to invite more magic into your own life.

Ritual #1

1. Slow down-you’re missing it. What is it? Whatever is happening right now- even if it’s boring, this moment in your life will never come again. Think about that for a moment and..

2. Breathe-deeply, slowly, tenderly. Feel alive. Hold your breath for a moment. Doesn’t it feel good when you breathe again? Memorize that feeling...and

3. Move-however you want- just move-walk, dance, tap your toes, move your pinkies. Ain’t it grand that you have them? Pay more attention to your body. It protects you from a lot more than you know. Take care of it. And, last but not least...

4. Sense-in everyway you can, use the sense(s) God gave you- think, see, hear, feel, taste as much as you can. Make it a daily ritual. Have you ever looked at your hand- I mean, really looked at your hand? (Bad pot joke? Sorry! ;>) Exercise your brain, taste new foods, see beautiful sights. Condition your body to be open to new sensations, then enjoy the rush.

Still don’t feel open to the universe? Then there’s always the backup plan.

Love Potion #9


Gather the following ingredients into an ice cold cauldron (er, shaker) and mix well. Serve on the rocks. Give some to the love of your life (yourself, silly!)-then have a second. Give the rest to anyone else you think needs a little love. Best when imbibed under a full moon with friends.


1 oz Absolut vodka

1 oz Amaretto almond liquor

1 oz Peach schnapps

1 oz Orange juice

1 oz Cranberry juice

Shake well-serve on the rocks

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life or DIY: Top 20 Playlist of My Life and Times

My whole life has been one slow rolling film clip, it seems to me. Until now, it's been a dreamscape, slowly rolling along, no real action. I kept thinking, can we get some rising action here, a little bit of drama, a climax, something?! It wasn't until I joined the over-thirty club that I realized this is it- this is life- nobody will make your life more exciting for you. Nobody else can star in my show but me. So how to get myself pumped up enough to be my own action super-heroine? I decided I needed a soundtrack. Music, for me, can be very evocative- pulling me back to a specific place and time, pulling forth memories that I thought I had long forgotten. But it’s also good for inspiration- something to get me moving, heart pumping, hips grooving-a little salsa, anyone? So I need something. Something to get the adrenaline pumping; something with lots of drums, good bass, a raw edged voice; something to make me feel alive. I need crazy sexy rock and roll, smooth RandB for the love scenes sure to follow (please?), a little bit of acoustic for when I'm feeling mellow, and some gritty hip hop for when I feel the need for some flavor. I am remaking the story of my life- a sequel that for once, will be better than the original. And like many a Hollywood blockbuster, the soundtrack will be the best part. I will be a “Shining Star”, and “Walk Like An Epytian” and do it without shame. This is my show- and I am happy to be a "#1 Stunna" in my "Celebrity Skin".Be the star of your own show-choose a theme song just for you. Rock hard and often. Peace.

Top Twenty Countdown-what are you in the mood for?

            Mood       Song                                         Group                      Year

Raucus       Celebrity Skin                            Hole                        1998

Pissed          Bodies                                     Drowning Pool         2001

Excited          Speedballin’                           Outkast                 2001

Hopeful         Dream Big                                Jazmin Sullivan        2009

   Sad            Everybody Hurts                        REm                     1993

             Emo             6 Underground                       Sneaker Pimps          1996

             Cool             The Life                              Mystic                          2004

Mellow           Edge Hill                             Groove Armada              2001

          Reflective         One                                   U2                               1991

In Love           Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop    Landon Pigg            2008

         Thoughtful      Wild Horses                      The Sundays                       1992

Aggressive         Hate It or Love It             The Game                            2005

          Sexy                You Should Be Here          Raphael Saddiq                   1999

         Fun                   Party Like A Rockstar         ShopBoyz                         2007 
                                  (You know I had to!)

         Sweet                Pretty Wings                      Maxwell                              2009

         Edgy                Clint Eastwood                 Gorillaz                                 2001

          Chillin'                Left Handed                     Lali Puna                              2004

         Powerful               Extraordinary                  Liz Phair                                 2004

         Hip                     Bullet and Target            Citizen Cope                            2004

This listing is by no means official- care to submit a track? Post additions here

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I’m Your Venus, I’m Your Fire, Your Desire or DIY: Find Your Inner Goddess

Worship me. Praise me.  Adore me.  Over the centuries, religion has risen and fallen, schisms have erupted and martyrs have been..well, martyred. All of this over which god should be worshipped, and how, and when. In the end it all boils down to- my god is better than your god. But what about the goddesses? History is swarming with powerful goddesses, who were worshipped for their life giving properties, their motherly natures, and their fecundity- (that means pregosity [the ability to procreate abundantly] to you).  These gentle mothers of the earth have been all but forgotten- and for good reason. They never existed. The archetype of gentle earth mother is a fiction that was created by generations of leaders who wanted the quell the natural fiery power of womanhood. ( O.k., now that all the men have run out of the room, let's get down to brass tacks.)  History is told by the victors, they say- or the interpreters, or the liars. Let's be real- accurate, that is.  History is a story- unfortunately, a story where too often the contributions of women have been excluded.  It's not enough that women don't know their own strength, we have systematically been told through the media that we never had any.  But in every woman lies the strength of Isis, Astarte, Nut, The Morrigan, and others. Don't know who they are. Hold up, wait a minit.* Isis, was the Egpytian goddess of magic, medicine and yes, motherhood. Her power was second only to Ra, the sun god- this was a woman who put back together the pieces of her murdered husband's body, and then used it to bring forth new life. Watch out now!  Astarte- called Queen of the Stars, Queen of the  Universe, whose consort, the king ruled faithfully by her side.(And don't kill the messenger, but according to some sources, she was even known as consort of Yahweha and ruled equally at his side, until he complained. Ain't that just like a man?)
Nut- the embodiment of the sky- no submissive earth mother here- In Egyptian texts, Nut ruled the sky, while her husband Geb- god of the earth lay beneath her. She was also represented as a  sky cow (watch the jokes- who let those guys back in?!) whose eyes represented the moon and sun, and whose udders gave forth the Milkyway- in effect she was the birth motehr of the universe who provided sustenance for all. Then there's the Morrigan- the Irish goddess of death and fertility;two things women know often go together. Her incarnation was the raven and she was often seen on the battlefield, leading the charge. When she sought  the hero Cuchalain as her lover, he rejected her (jerk)  because he didn't recognize her feminine power- in his last battle she failed to protect him and he died with a raven sitting on his shoulder. (Y'all betta recognize- a woman scorned and all that. ) And these are just a few of the archetypes of womanhood- mother, daughter, wisewoman, crone, and lover. (btw- the rest of the goddesses didn't play either- they were all warrior goddeses and can be seen in various incarnations kicking ancient ass. Check out India's Kali- that woman didn't play.) So what happened to the goddesses? Not a thing. They're all still there. Now, I'm not advocating idol worship (Surgeon General's Warning- independent thinking, and questioning of the Judeo-Christian ideology is not recommended for pregnant women, smokers, habitual drinkers, and all you other heathens out there), but maybe we can take a page from  herstory and worship ourselves, just a little. Remember that Banarama song ?  <singing lustily> "I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, your desire!" (ok, so I'm not the goddess of music). Be a Venus, be a Morrigan, be an Isis, a Yemaya, a Kali, an Astarte, - a lover, a warrior, a mother, a dancer, a destroyer, a creator. Be invincible. Just do you.

Take The Goddess Quiz- Which Goddess Is Your Counterpoint!-my first Facebook App!

*yes, I know minite is spelled minute- it's called dialect, people!

P.S. Wanna see some real goddesses- take a look at Miwa Yanagi's Windswept Women series- click the title link above- great visceral art. May we all be this old and powerful someday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

In case you haven’t noticed, fall is here. The signs are obvious in the early darkening day, the howling winds, and if you’re lucky, the beautiful turning colors of the fall leaves. The autumn equinox, the point when day and night are equal, has passed and the year is turning towards the dark-side and so am I. I find myself wanting to stay inside, warm, cozy and dozy, while outside the raging winds blow. I am, it must be admitted , a bit of a powder puff when it comes to winter. This time of year, during which many celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, All Saint’s Day and Dia De los Muertos ( the Day of the Dead), can be considered the long, dark, tea time of the soul. It’s a time for gazing in a mirror and reflecting on our selves as the year runs down to zero.  Historically, winter was seen as a time of dread- a time of starvation, and bitter cold, a time of testing because only the strong survived to feel the warmth of another spring. But it could also be considered a time of rest, when fields lay fallow and the earth slept in renewal. It was the time when ancestors returned to earth to communicate with loved ones and magic was seen as commonplace, because it is always easier to believe in magic in the dark. This year I too want to be renewed. I want to slough off my blankets, and ease off my couch (goodbye, couch- sniff) and bravely ( okay, in my case, tentatively) open the door to winter. Unlike our ancient ancestors, we don’t have to hide in caves (unless you want to) and bear the wrath of frozen winter.  (okay, I know that sounded all high 'falutin).We have electric blankets, and cocoa and warm, cozy nights by the fire.   (Mmm, cocoa.) Now, while I won’t intimate that anyone who enjoys cocoa is a weakling- (who doesn’t enjoy a cuppa or two?) I will say, that maybe it’s time we braved winter and the dark and remembered that the world revolves from light to dark for a reason. In the coming darkness, maybe we should all take the time to remember that our days upon the earth, like the light, like the spring, are short and not guaranteed. Maybe we should accept the darkness as a background for our fears, and recognize that the demons we used to hear in the night are ourselves and work to exorcise them in the new year. Maybe we should look into our own darkness and find one spark to nurture through the coming winter- spiritual or otherwise. Maybe we should believe in magic- if only of the human kind. Darkness can bring people together.  Darkness is the background for the stars.Candles shine brightest in the dark. This is the time for renewal, to challenge, and nurture and transform  ourselves, like caterpillars in coocoons, in hopes that come the spring we will be someone better  than we were before. This winter, be a light in the darkness for someone- yourself and others.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Destiny, My A**

I admit it- I check my horoscope. Not everyday. It's not like I'm an addict or something. I mean I check it every other week or so...or when something important is coming up...or when I need romantic advice. But I'm not an addict. I'm not like those people who can't make a move without checking their sign to see if there are good "vibrations". It's just that every once in a while, I need....guidance. Now, I know I should look for guidance within myself, from God, from family and friends. But the truth is, when I have a problem sometimes I don't want to find the "right" answer. I want the answer that suits what I've already decided to do or think. And horoscopes, generally, are just vague enough to justify whatever that is. So, I get my fix- in the morning paper, online, on Facebook for cryin' out loud and if it gives me a little confidence boost, well what's the harm? But recently, I've decided that if I'm going to trust someone else's vague premonitions regarding my life, maybe I should just learn to trust my own. My own "sensitivity", my woman's intuition- (and any male readers- watch the snarky comments!), my own antennae give me a lot more information than I really process. Which is the reason I feel stressed, or tired or angry long after the event which caused those feelings. Instead of taking in all of that emotional "data", I (and you, if you're with me in this) ignore it, or push it aside, or deny it and then wonder why a situation blows up in my face later on. The truth is , a lot of the time, we know the right answer to a conundrum (condumdum? ha!) but we don't want to admit it, because we want to avoid conflict. Conflict raises stress levels, conflict makes your work environment tense, and it makes us,  no matter who started the conflict, feel inexplicably guilty. And we don't like that. We want peace, but at what cost? The cost of our sanity? The cost of our health? The cost of truth based relationships? In the end it's not worth it to deny what we know and what we feel. To make life easy for others is a worthwhile goal, but not at the expense of our right to say how we feel.  Not if it means denying ourselves out of existence to make life more comfortable for others. Afterall, comfort and stagnation are two sides of the same coin. And being comfortable in a prison doesn:t make it any less a prison.  So here are my premonitions for the future- yours and mine. Choose the one you like- they're all equally apt and if you can't decide on any- then follow your heart. It always knows the right path.

Predictions for the Month of October 2009

Aries March 21st- April 19th
You will find that old resentments no longer have power over you. Let go of bad feelings and strengthen your resolve to be more positive in the future.  Good things will be attracted to your positive vibes.

Taurus April 20th - May 20th
Stop trying to be in control. Showing your softer side will enable people to trust you more and leave you feeling more secure in their feelings for you. Trust that the universe has your best interests at heart and go with the flow.

Gemini May 21st- June 20th
You are constantly feeling pulled in two directions. You can also be somewhat two faced- trying to please everyone at once.  Focus on pleasing yourself-specifally, being able to know what you truly want- instad of what you think you should want or what others want for you. You will find that knowing who you are allows you to put your best
                    face forward.

Cancer June 21st-July 22nd
Find ways to enjoy life. Let the knowledge that life is short motivate you, not scare you.  Make a life plan and get to work checking off your list. Be the star of your own drama- not just a secondary character.

Leo  July 23-August 22
Be truly lion hearted and 'fess up to your feelings-about someone, about  your job,  about your life.  Giving someone (including yourself) the gift of truth is the ultimate act of love and requires a truly brave heart. Don't be afraid to hype yourself up- to yourself and others. Recognize your own worth and roar (or crow) about it.

Virgo  August 23-September 22
You are not as virtuous as you would like others to think you are. Fortunately, you're also not as bad as you secretly think you are. You are just another fragile human being- enjoy the feeling.  Responsibility for your life rests in your own hands and heart. And no one in your life can, should or wants to judge you. Feel free to live without judgment-                  of yourself or others.

Libra  September 23rd- October 22nd
You like to act like you're unconcerned, but the truth is you care deeply about many issues. Let others know how you feel. They have no idea what a deep thinker you are and the knowledge will only deepen their respect for you.  Trust that people want to know who you are and what you care about. Be willing to dig deep and share.

Scorpio  October 23rd- November 21st
You  keep people at a distance, but they still want to get close to you.  Let them in- even if it's scary. Trust your insight to recognize and keep bad influences away, but don't miss out on a great opportunity by keeping yourself locked away.

Sagittarius November 22nd- December 21st
You have a love of new ideas and experiences, but don't forget how good it feels to come back home- literally and spiritually. Do a self check every now and again- and see how your old beliefs are fitting into your life. If they still fit, travel on. If they don't quite, like old jeans, take a moment- chuck out the trash and re-evaluate               
                   before starting a  new adventure. Every journey has a starting place- don't forget

Capricorn  December 22nd- January 19th
You want to be an overachiever- but often get lost in why you want to achieve. Is it for self esteem, or insecurity about your place in the world?  Be industrious in every part of your life-including making yourself happy. The job of life is to learn, live and be happy.  Work hard to be at the top of your class.

Aquarius  January 20th- February 18th
You adapt to almost any situation, sometimes losing your sense of self in the process. Don't let the lines blur- remind yourself often of what makes you special and unique. Then add your own special twist to any new situation that arises.

Pisces  February 19th- March 20th
Don't just float through life- leave a few ripples, or if you have the energy, a wake! Do something that will really showcase your talents- and remind yourself that you are a powerhouse of creativity.

Friday, October 2, 2009

DIY: How To Count Your Blessings and Kick Demon Ass

Counting blessings may seem absurd in these times,  but sometimes it's necessary to stop and take stock of where we are in life. The journey can be so hard without the support of loved ones and friends. To quote Nikki Giovanni- " the world is not a pleasant place to be without someone to hold or be held by."   I count all of my friends and family  as blessings- beyond price and irreplaceable,  and hope you know that I think of all of you daily. But every coin has two sides. If there are blessings, then there are curses, and while some may say there are no such things as curses, I beg to differ. The demons of indifference, arrogance, and spitefulness have been in my life of late and I have found it hard going to turn my back a la "get thee behind me, Satan." While I won't enumerate my problems, I will say that learning to lead a balanced life includes not only counting your blessings, but learning to kick spiteful demon ass when necessary. Here are the Ass Kicking lessons I have learned to use against my demons since coming to Japan.

How to Kick Demon Ass in Three E-Z Lessons
1.The  Demon of  Ignorance- yours and theirs
Power points  +10
Weakness-honest communication
Some people here do not understand Americans and don't want to. You can kill these people with kindness or you can just kill them. Having no protection under Japanese law, I have decided to go with the former. But if one more person asks me about my hair, I will  display my knowlege of Japanese swords in a way they will not like. Obviously, I won't really (or will I?),  but the frustration of not being understood cannot be underestimated. It is a constant reminder to me to be gentle with my students and myself. Thanks to all who have heard me rant more than once, and have come back for more and to those folks in Japan who made an honest effort to communicate with me and help me make myself more at home. Your commiseration has saved my sanity more than once and  means more than I can say.

2. The Demon of Arrogance-yours and theirs
Power points +15
Weakness -preparation
When I came to Japan I was certain that I would be able to get along just fine- I am a reasonably intelligent adult- I pay my own bills, and have good credit. But when I got to Japan I was unprepared to deal with feeling like a drooling idiot all the time.  The smallest things became gargantuan tasks. Getting a grocery store card became an excercise in futility, and teaching- the skill I had counted on using to prove my worth, had become a torment because I couldn't type on a Japanese computer or work a Japanese copy machine.  I also faced a constant barrage of questions from people who insisted on comparing- meaning "dissing" America- its schools, people and culture. I thought I could get away with acting  ("acting?") like myself- that everything would be cool, but it wasn't. At least until I found a balance. I learned that asking for help invited people to share in my life and they were happy to do so. I learned that teaching is an art- always changing, and I now appreciate that art and my part in it more than I have in years. I learned that I should be proud of how well I am acclimating here, even if I have the vocabulary of a five year old- it's  five year old Japanese vocabulary. Arrogance has taken a back seat to humilty and has forced me, while making me feel like a child again, to grow up.

3. The Demon of Spitefulness- theirs
Power points  +9
Weakness- kindness
 Before I begin, let me  preface by saying that for the most part, all of the people in my life have been generous beyond measure. But in every life a little rain must fall and b****ches must come to call. I have met them on the job, in public, in the mall, the grocery store- wherever human misery is found. And these b***, male and female alike,  have made  a point of being a thorn in my side because I cannot understand why they are so miserable.  Then one day I realized, it was about power. People who have no real power, still have the power to make others uncomfortable, like itching powder in your undies and they do not hesitate to use it. They are spiteful, little sprites who revel in the trouble they create and the unrest they disperse. But-they can be circumvented. With  a little kindness, ( put a little love in your heart!), these demons of spitefulness can be bypassed. Now, you don't have to love them- though, God knows  the poor mfers need it. But the best thing you can do is give yourself some extra love when they are around- sort of like a love shield against their hateful kryptonite. Kindness is a defensive, not offensive power- but it can often turn the tide in an emotional battle. I have learned that kindness to myself is not a luxury but a weapon kept at hand for a time when it is needful. Life is filled with spiky points- demons add extra pain, but kindness is like the true spirit of the  martial arts- it can turn away every blow. Kindness can soften the hardest of hearts. And where it doesn't soften, it enfolds.
The most important lesson of all- Keep up the good fight.
Learn the art of kindness and practice it on yourself every day.

Current Status: Paladin
Vanquished Demons- 3* (for now)
Power Points  300,000 +
Weapons- faith, brass ovaries (Thatchers to you), Demon Mouth, HyperCranium
Allies- Too many to count (thanks to my peeps!)


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