Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Dreams May Come

Everyone knows that listening to someone else talk about their dream is soooo boring.... because yours was way more interesting and important.  So, yes, I know right off the bat you will not be able to picture whaw\t I'm going to talk about next....but I'm gonna do it anyway.  So, there's an old belief that dreaming about snakes means a woman is pregnant (no, that's not what I dreamed, sheesh!) In fact, I dreamed about being in an aquarium looking into a beautiful round window on a seascape- filled with ferns,  and tiny organisms.... and what looked like a proto-Pokemon floating in amniotic fluid.  Now, keep in mind that whatever you dream of is not literally what you're dreaming about.  So dreaming about a tiny floating creature does not (again) mean you're pregnant or want to be.  In fact, according to the Dream Dictionary, (plus, of course, my own intuition) water generally represents your unconscious and your emotional state. So to see my emotional state as beautiful and calm should be considered a good thing, right? Only, here's the tricky part-  in my dream, I came back to the exhibit again, and this time the staff wouldn't let me in. Imagine, the nerve to keep me from my own subconscious!  So naturally, I did what anyone would- I tried to sneak in.  Over and over I kept trying to find a way into the exhibit so I could see the little creature floating in space that was me- I jumped the line, I snuck into a restroom past security, I actually broke another exhibit- (whoever you were in the hall of dreams, I'm sorry!) But I couldn't get back to myself. How many times have you felt like that? I've felt at something of a plateau for a while now.  My friends either have well established lives or are starting new ones, and I'll admit- I'm a little jealous.  I know that my new life is out there- I keep getting little hints, times when good omens seem to abound- I hear news of interviews coming, and someone looks at my house.. and then they back off. I'm afraid being in stasis  much longer will kill me.  That new little life floating in space belongs to me. I just need to get my hands on it. So maybe tonight I'll try a little lucid dreaming- controlling my own conscious.  I want to walk back into that exhibit, knowing that in real life everything does take time- but that my time will come.  So I'll watch my life, that little creature in the picture window, and not let anyone keep me from it. Tonight, I'll stand in front of that little window, and watch myself float and grow in the sea of dreams.

Dreams are like stars...you may never touch them, but if you follow them they will lead you to your destiny.

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