Thursday, September 17, 2009

DIY Sutra -Jewel In The Eye Of The Lotus, MFer!

Okay- a short blog today- not at all what you're used to from me, but while pondering my recent status upgrade to "murderer"- (check my recent Facebook quiz results)- I decided that maybe I needed to get some religion, even if it meant stealing and abusing- I mean "adjusting" someone elses. My apologies if I offend any one who seriously studies the sutras- I did for awhile and have complete respect for their powers- (don't know what a sutra is? Look it up-it's truly interesting and knowledge is power.{G.I.Joe!} If you don't get the reference, ignore it.) My apologies also if I mistakenly included a real sutra is my own approximation. And for any pansies out there just offended because I picked a non-Christian faith- kiss my grits! Okay- so anyway, here's the deal. The challenge was to create my own 50 line sutra or prayer that was specific, rhythmical and meaningful. You can do it too. The sutra is to be read at least two times a day for a week and should be repeated as many times as necessary until you achieve the necessary level of serenity. It can be said slowly if you're feeling peaceful and thankful, or fast if you're just really pissed off and need that serenity now damnit! It can be said with prayer beads, on your knees, on your head, staring at your navel (eww, clean that out!), staring at a wall, or staring at the inside of your own eyelids. Now, your sutra should be your own, relating to your own life and a problem you face. My sutra is copyrighted, patented, and trademarked- get your own! (The copyright part is true, folks. If I did steal a line, I will give credit where it's due. If I have to give credit, so do you. Don't steal my sutra-or you'll need it sooner than you think!) All that being said- Dee's patented Heart Sutra is posted just above (or to the left in Archives) . Scroll through and enjoy some serenity on me. Ohmmmmm....... P.S. Click the title of this post for a really great place to do some workplace meditation. P.P.S for those counting, I know my sutra is only 48 lines-not 50- give me a break, I did write 48 freakin lines! okay..ohmmmmm.

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