Monday, October 12, 2009

I Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life or DIY: Top 20 Playlist of My Life and Times

My whole life has been one slow rolling film clip, it seems to me. Until now, it's been a dreamscape, slowly rolling along, no real action. I kept thinking, can we get some rising action here, a little bit of drama, a climax, something?! It wasn't until I joined the over-thirty club that I realized this is it- this is life- nobody will make your life more exciting for you. Nobody else can star in my show but me. So how to get myself pumped up enough to be my own action super-heroine? I decided I needed a soundtrack. Music, for me, can be very evocative- pulling me back to a specific place and time, pulling forth memories that I thought I had long forgotten. But it’s also good for inspiration- something to get me moving, heart pumping, hips grooving-a little salsa, anyone? So I need something. Something to get the adrenaline pumping; something with lots of drums, good bass, a raw edged voice; something to make me feel alive. I need crazy sexy rock and roll, smooth RandB for the love scenes sure to follow (please?), a little bit of acoustic for when I'm feeling mellow, and some gritty hip hop for when I feel the need for some flavor. I am remaking the story of my life- a sequel that for once, will be better than the original. And like many a Hollywood blockbuster, the soundtrack will be the best part. I will be a “Shining Star”, and “Walk Like An Epytian” and do it without shame. This is my show- and I am happy to be a "#1 Stunna" in my "Celebrity Skin".Be the star of your own show-choose a theme song just for you. Rock hard and often. Peace.

Top Twenty Countdown-what are you in the mood for?

            Mood       Song                                         Group                      Year

Raucus       Celebrity Skin                            Hole                        1998

Pissed          Bodies                                     Drowning Pool         2001

Excited          Speedballin’                           Outkast                 2001

Hopeful         Dream Big                                Jazmin Sullivan        2009

   Sad            Everybody Hurts                        REm                     1993

             Emo             6 Underground                       Sneaker Pimps          1996

             Cool             The Life                              Mystic                          2004

Mellow           Edge Hill                             Groove Armada              2001

          Reflective         One                                   U2                               1991

In Love           Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop    Landon Pigg            2008

         Thoughtful      Wild Horses                      The Sundays                       1992

Aggressive         Hate It or Love It             The Game                            2005

          Sexy                You Should Be Here          Raphael Saddiq                   1999

         Fun                   Party Like A Rockstar         ShopBoyz                         2007 
                                  (You know I had to!)

         Sweet                Pretty Wings                      Maxwell                              2009

         Edgy                Clint Eastwood                 Gorillaz                                 2001

          Chillin'                Left Handed                     Lali Puna                              2004

         Powerful               Extraordinary                  Liz Phair                                 2004

         Hip                     Bullet and Target            Citizen Cope                            2004

This listing is by no means official- care to submit a track? Post additions here


  1. Tanya Stephens "To The Limit" I try to live my life like there's an engine running in it...sometimes.

  2. Unfortunately, Sarah Mclachlan's "Stupid" has been running through my brain lately! I need a pick me up- what do you suggest?



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