Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Know This Much Is True...or DIY: B****Slap-"The Truth! You Can't Handle The Truth!"

I know that what I believe and what is true are not always one and the same. Sometimes, not often, the two converge and they might even travel alongside one another for a while, but eventually they always diverge, because what is true and what is real always depends upon perspective and my perspective is definitely skewed. Some issues ( and people) you can't take at face value or you can't face at all because they are too personal, too intimate, too connected to the way we see ourselves and the way we want to see the world. The world is what it is, but some of us choose to believe that, like Schrodinger's cat - if I don't open the box , nothing will change. (Poor kitty- what kind of guy thinks of experiments where you trap cats and radioactive materials, together, in a box!?

What I mean is- that while I know that reality is flexible, and I believe that thoughts create action, reality does have rules which cannot be refuted. There is an underlying structure or measure against which human ideas, and  will must be tested.  It's kinda like a beach head- if your belief were a stranded whale. If you're strong enough, maybe you can get over it, but most of us just drown in the surf of ordinary life. You can believe in magic, and still know that you will never see it because in this reality it doesn't exist. But that's not so important as long as you believe that it exists somewhere. That can be your truth, even if it's never acknowledged or proven by anyone or anywhere else.  You can believe that you are ordinary if that's your truth- even though you are not. By virtue of being human, we are extraordinary...but, you can downplay it if you want.  You can believe that this universe, this life, this experience, is all there is -if you want.  And when you depart- life, the universe and everything will keep right on truckin'. (And boy, won't you be surprised when you take your next trip around the wheel!)  

The rules are there to give reality structure- but they're also there to be overcome.

What I believe is not pure or right- not the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth-it's just what I believe.  And it can change- from year to year, day to day and minute to minute. I can eke out evidence for the craziest of theories from the most miniscule of clues and be depressed, happy and philosophical more times in a day than some people experience in a month. I can believe that someone dislikes me easier than I can that they they respect or admire me. I can believe that someone is judging me, when the truth is I am my own harshest critic- (but won't deny, I'm judgmental of other people too. I'm such a terrible person!)
[note: see what I mean?]

I can believe many things and most of them will have barely, a glancing resemblance to the truth. The truth is, Truth Is- that's all. But, if you want a clearer (and just as probably wrong) definition, then here it is:
These Things I Believe-
 that truth is, like reality, 
deeper than we think, 
more fluid than we know 
and ultimately, 
determined by each of us alone. 

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple."
Oscar Wilde *  **

*Ain't that the gospel truth!

**The truth is, my friend P wanted me to name a blog B****slap- 
     she supplied the title, I supplied the text. 
    This one's for you, P!

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  1. Very good insight, Dee. Sounds like there are some things going on.

    Feel free to come by and visit me--I won't bite. ;-)



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